Miriam and her lovely…

Miriam and her lovely daughter Ellen are visiting this weekend; Ellen has orientation for college (Columbia), where she'll be entering their theater arts program. Kevin and I are particularly excited because it turns out that Ellen is an experienced babysitter; once she settles into college a bit, we may drag her out to Oak Park so we can actually get a night out once in a while. Yay!

Bombatoast for breakfast (term comes from Bombay toast, like French toast, but the Sri Lankan version has sugar in the mix, so you don't need syrup):

12 slices white bread (not too mushy, or it'll completely fall apart)
2 cups milk
2 eggs
6 T sugar (this makes it pretty sweet; you could cut back a bit if you wanted)
butter for spreading

1. Butter both sides of each slice of bread. (You can do these as you go, pretty much.)
2. Beat the egg well and add sugar; beat well until sugar dissolves. Add mix this to milk and beat well.
3. Dip a slice of bread in the egg and milk batter (both sides) and put it in hot buttered griddle (I'd use nonstick). (If you leave in the batter too long, it'll get soggy and hard to flip without tearing. Still yummy, though.)
4. After a bit (when you think it's browned, but not burned, flip and cook the other side.
5. Bombay toast is ready.

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