If you’ve spent time in…

If you've spent time in my house recently, you've probably noticed the lack of end tables next to the living room couch. Yes, it was frustrating, dropping one's glass into empty air, only to have it shatter on the floor below. The old end tables had gotten pretty beat up, so they'd been banished to basement and playroom, respectively, and it took a surprisingly long time to find new end tables, given budget restrictions (under $150 each), aesthetic preferences (wood and dark metal preferred, not too bulky, but with a wide enough top for laptop + beverage), and most importantly, the need for the table to be 24" tall.

Why that height, you ask? Well, designers recommend end tables be one inch lower than the arms of your chair for greatest comfort and ease of use, and the temporary end table I've been using on one side was one inch higher than the arm of the couch and actually made my arm go numb on a regular basis. Which seemed sub-optimal.

Anyway, it turns out there aren't that many 24" end tables, but I managed to find a few (see my Pinterest board Furniture if curious). Except Kevin didn't like any of them. And then I found an adjustable end table, with a wood top and a metal base, and it's open and airy, which is what I wanted aesthetically, and can be as tall or short as my little heart desires (which is also great for moving it around if in the future it's needed elsewhere).

So, in case any of you face a similar dilemma, I wanted to tell you it's the Carolina Cottage Parker Adjustable Table, available on Amazon and various other places, currently about $125 each. It pleases me.

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