Okay, I’ve been really…

Okay, I've been really slacking the last week or two, and while it was great to have house guests and have a little summer vacay, I am starting to stress out. New plan to implement today:

- get myself and kids fed, get them dressed and off to school by 8:15 latest (must get moving)

- watch one (1!) episode of West Wing because it is summer and I am allowed to feel like that a bit; I may Facebook during that time (when did Facebook become a verb?)

- at 9, use Self Control to turn off Facebook, Pinterest, and Amazon (where I'm watching WW) for three hours, try Coffeetivity (website that simulates coffee shop noise, surprisingly pleasing)

- write from 9 - 12 (possible things to work on: finish short story and send it out to 8-12 year old first readers, try to write an essay for Brain, Child, write another chapter of detective novel, open up YA fantasy again and start implementing revision notes)

- 12 - 5: lunch and internet, exercise, deal with e-mail tasks

Okay, go.

3 thoughts on “Okay, I’ve been really…”

  1. Facebook is not a verb. The American tendency to use nouns as verbs is one of our uncouth practices that I avoid whenever i possibly can.

  2. I admit to using the Malapropism: “It’s participating outside,” to refer to rain or snow falling.

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