Back to the to-do…

Back to the to-do list:

  • look at cover of TSC for Cecilia -- DONE
  • remind Nancy to set up blog for me -- DONE
  • request launch date for BVC -- DONE
  • workout -- DONE
  • review other independent study paperwork; meet with student @ 2 -- DONE

  • check on other BVC to-do
  • prep for tonight's writing workshop
  • finish DM recording
  • review budget and bills for May / June (fun times)
  • deal with TSOD stuff
  • work on acknowledgements of TSC
  • review contract for TSC
  • do paperwork for Alexandra
  • check on subs for Jaggery (three weeks into reading period)

  • Luurs for perennials (underplanting for garage roses, blooming summer color for front border)
  • return shoes
  • drop off shoes for repair
  • plant perennials / clean up yard
  • draft essay for Brain, Child -- on babies, and my dislike thereof?
  • talk to Kevin about summer travel
  • decide if attending MuseCon and/or Create Chicago
  • make birthday party plans

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