My god, reading this…

My god, reading this LARP thing has "Star Trekking, across the universe" completely stuck in my head, making it very difficult to think about anything else. I am tempted to keep reading LARP Trek all morning, given that it's the funniest thing I've read in a year, and all of this laughter is good for me. (I'm sorry, I'm pretty sure the funny doesn't work unless you already know Star Trek: Next Gen, and ideally DS9 too). I would have read all night, but my internet went out. Someone was watching over me, because I promptly crashed myself (at 9-ish p.m.), but now I am awake and it is calling me.

At three episodes / week, and I'm now up to March 11, I think allocating an hour or two to finish reading this is reasonable, right? I'm not going to get anything else productive done until the kids are off to school anyway. On the other hand, maybe I should take five minutes and make a to-do list first, so that I at least know how much work I'm avoiding.

The real question is, Zumba today? Am still groggy from weekend. I think I may go for yardwork instead -- it's a different kind of workout, but still satisfying. Also, it may be time to start lifting again, after a long hiatus. Last week I finally cleared out enough of the basement that the weights are accessible again. (I didn't want to drop a barbell on my Christmas ornaments. That would be v. sad.)

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