As I fell into bed last…

As I fell into bed last night, I may have made some slightly smug statement along the lines of, "See! We can totally have thirty people over for dinner." Imagine my horror when Kevin (who had totally been dubious about our ability to do this beforehand), replies in a musing tone, "Actually, I think we could handle about twice that."

I may have stammered something about where the hell would we put them? And he starts talking about setting up more tables in the music room and the library. (Do note that the only reason we had enough space last night is because the weather was perfect and we set up tables on the wrap-around porch -- if it had rained, it would have been a very cramped indoor dinner. Although yes, fine, we could have gotten a tent and set up in the backyard.) Then when I said, okay, fine, we have the space, but if we're feeding sixty people, we're getting it catered. And then Kevin started on about just making bigger batches of the curries, and it wouldn't be that hard. What??

To be fair, even aside from the half of the dishes Samanthi made, Kevin did at least half the chopping for the ones I made, and the chopping is actually the hardest part. And he actually made the egg curry all on his own. And we did get the appetizers (beef rolls, fish and vegetarian cutlets) catered, which helped immensely.

So I suppose, fine, if I have at least three other people cooking intensely with me, and perhaps supplement with a bit of catering, then yes, we can probably pull off a Sri Lankan dinner for sixty at our house. But as I told Samanthi last night, I think I may need a few years to recover before we try this again. Luckily, ALA won't be back in Chicago for a few years. :-)

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