Today is going to be…

Today is going to be busy -- my cousin and her family are coming to visit tomorrow lunchtime, on their way to a wedding in southern Illinois, and tomorrow evening I'm taking the kids to have dinner with Rupa and Ravi their kids and Sapna and her kids, and then Sapna's staying over and we'll likely stay up late talking, and then Saturday morning is Karthik's birthday party downtown, and then Samanthi's coming over in the afternoon for a mad cooking and cleaning frenzy before 30 librarians descend on the house for a Sri Lankan feast Saturday night. I'd rather not leave all the cooking to Saturday afternoon, plus, I need to feed the relatives lunch, so I'm going to try to cook a few dishes today. Also, I have some deadlines. So a bit of logistical planning is in order.

  • 8:00: drop off kids at camp and preschool -- DONE
  • 8:15 - 9:15: grocery shop -- DONE
  • 9:30: meet Gabrielle back here to pass her a dress of Kavi's -- DONE
  • 10 - 12: work on reassembling Torn Shapes of Desire from individual files (this is time sensitive for reasons I can't discuss yet; good reasons!) -- DONE
  • 12:30 - 1:30: cook pork curry and have lunch -- DONE
  • 12 (hopefully): send off to proofreaders (Chris H. and David B.), asking for 24-hr turnaround if possible -- DONE
  • cook beetroot curry -- DONE
  • 3:00 - pick up Kavi from camp if it's too hot for her to walk home -- DONE
  • make Terry Aunty's mango pudding -- DONE (and delicious)
  • 5 - 6 -fry eggplant and make sambol -- DONE

If all goes well, I can relax with the kids and/or read this evening. Of course, some things may take longer than planned. We'll see! Busy day!

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