Wrote a thousand words…

Wrote a thousand words after lunch with Lori and Angeli -- writing meet-ups work, people. Or at least they work for me. :-) Raw drafting right now, and it may change mightily. But it's good to get some words down on the page.


"Detective Suresh Chandran considered the woman sitting across from him in the interrogation room. He was perhaps not at his sharpest, considered he�d been called from his bed at one a.m. Not that he slept well at the best of times, but last night, for a miracle, he had fallen asleep at eleven. He credited the book he�d been reading, supposedly a thriller, but in reality, not so thrilling. Suresh had picked it up on his partner�s recommendation, but he should have known better � Joshi wasn�t a big reader. Suresh had been feeling guilty about rebuffing all of Joshi�s invitations to dinner with the family, to parties, to baseball games; in the two years since Suresh�s wife�s death, Joshi had been relentless in his overtures of friendship. Finally, Suresh had caved to the man�s undaunted good nature, had taken the book. Only to fall asleep on the couch, barely a chapter in. Perhaps he should keep it for a sleep aid, if nothing else."

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