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One of the projects for this week is recreating Torn Shapes of Desire. When my fabulous publisher (really, I like him muchly) sadly went out of business years ago, the digital files for the book were lost. I'm planning to re-release it as an ebook and hopefully audiobook this year, which means taking my original story and poetry files and putting them back together.

All of which means, my darlings, that I could use a few volunteer proofreaders? I have no budget for this project, I'm afraid. But if you'd like to read about a hundred pages of mixed poetry and very short stories, all somewhat smutty, and let me know if you run into any typos, that would be a big help. I'm a bit afraid to consider the quality of the writing -- I was in my early 20s. But I think it's not too dreadful.

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  1. Sure. I will help proofread.

    I have the book somewhere. Should I begin with it, or is it not going to be reliably the same as the files you have?

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