Question for guys. If I…

Question for guys. If I have a guy, a detective, looking at an attractive woman of size 14 or so, what words might you use to describe her figure?

Modifier: said woman has just discovered a friend's corpse, so is shocked and grieving. It's the middle of the night, she's in sweats, and isn't trying to look sexy / attractive. But I think my protagonist guy would notice her body positively anyway.

I think I know a variety of ways how a woman (in America today) might see another woman of that size, or even more accurately, how a woman of that size might see herself. But I'm not sure how an average guy would.

(Maybe I need to go re-read some Jennifer Cruisie. I feel like she does this well in Bet Me, and maybe in Faking It too, if I'm remembering right.)

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  1. Not a guy, but I remember when I was delivering baby #2 there was this HUGE nurse and I felt so relieved because I could squeeze her as much as I wanted and I knew I wouldn’t hurt her. It was like falling into pillows. Then on baby #3 there was this super skinny nurse and I looked at her and said ‘What’s the point of having you here? I’m in LABOR! I’m going to snap you in two,twig girl!”
    Maybe the pillow imagery. Think of all those pillows they pile on a bed in a luxury hotel.

  2. A guy who appreciates women of all configurations.

    If restricted to one word, “zaftig” describes and shows appreciation. Yiddish, literally “juicy.”

    Alternate slang phrase, “A dog likes a little meat on his bone.”

    With all of love,

    C. J. Czelling

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