I felt sick to my…

I felt sick to my stomach when I read the comments on Beale's blog -- the first of which was clearly calling for a mass raping/lynching of a friend of mine, a dark-skinned writer. It's hard not to take that personally.

If you read this page, you know that I don't swear a lot, but that kind of shit -- it's fucking scary.

But then I went to Scalzi's blog, and there is just an OUTPOURING of support in the form of cash donations. Clearly, the community is as outraged as I am, and as helpless as we all may feel, people are doing their best to do something. Based on what's been donated already, I'm betting John's going to spur enough donations to support Carl Brandon's activities for at least a year.

That means scholarships for promising new writers of color, awards supporting writers of color AND the best writing around race and ethnicity (from anyone). People are donating to Con or Bust too, which makes it possible for a lot of writers and fans of color to actually come to conventions they couldn't otherwise afford.

This is how we make change, people. Let the dinosaurs spew their hate. We're going to outlast them all.

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