Kavi started summer camp…

Kavi started summer camp this week, and I really want her to make friends so she will have a fun time at camp. She also has been dressing somewhat more -- eclectically -- than usual this week. Also, her short pixie-ish hair is definitely way atypical for her age group. I am finding myself anxious that it will get in the way of her making friends. Kavi's not going to grow long hair overnight, but I am having to seriously bite my tongue to keep from suggesting more conventional outfits (in the hopes that the popular girls will like her).

What I want to know is, what the hell is happening to me? And when did I turn into my mother?

I think I'm feeling anxious because she didn't really have a 'best friend' in kindergarten. Kavi got along well with everyone I think, and she was friends with Simone and Vivienne and others....but she was also clearly aware that Simone and Vivienne were best friends, for example.

I don't particularly want her to be one of the popular girls. But I do want her to have good friends, because, among other things, my own experience shows that it can really help insulate you from the cruelty of the cool kids. Am not sure how I can help with her finding that...

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