Jed went home last…

Jed went home last night, but he left behind a friend. We had gone to the garden store just to buy trellises for the roses. Just trellises, I swear. Very practical! And okay, yes, one was aware that one was unlikely to be able to visit the garden store without also buying some plants, hence the new delphiniums. But one did not plan on buying statuary. Roshani had suggested a year or so ago that that corner of the garden could use a statue to anchor it, and I'd agreed, but statues are expensive, so I've just been keeping an eye out, hoping the perfect one would come along.

It was sort of hilarious in the store -- I was wandering along considering trellises, saw this little guy, and just stopped still, staring. That's not the funny part -- the funny part is that Jed came up behind me, talking about something else and then HE stopped still. He may have said "wow!" Because really, how perfect is this elephant for my garden? It's even a birdbath too, which I've been wanting for the yard. So little elephant statue came home with us, and was tucked into a quiet spot, and is just so perfect there, I can't tell you. Now all he needs is a name...perhaps I will call him George.

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