“In the country both…

"In the country both men and women of the huvyalhi wear long straight robes, dark or faded to various shades of blue, belted with rope or leather, and the effect of this strangely provocative dress when worn by lovely women has been for centuries the subject of poetry. The soft cotton, when it is old, reveals the outlines of the body. 'Little Leaf-Hands,' runs an old country song, 'go to draw water again in your old robe, the one your sister wore before you, the one that follows your breasts like rain.'"

- Sofia Samatar, _A Stranger in Olondria_

(I'm about halfway through the book now, and must resist the urge to quote good bits to y'all every page or so, because if I spent the time to type them all in, I would never finish the book, and I want to know what happens to poor Jevick...)

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