I am wondering how much…

I am wondering how much we can fit into Jed's last day. I'm planning on reading in the morning 'til everyone's up and dressed (or at least everyone but Kevin, who will likely sleep later), and then I thought we'd show Jed the farmer's market, pick up fruit and veggies, eat donuts and listen to the folk musicians there. Then home for some gardening, perhaps (or rather, cleaning up of garden debris and preparing the beds for vegetables).

We'd thought we might go swimming in the afternoon, but I'm not sure that will be feasible, given that they're predicting thunderstorms by 1. Maybe we can squeeze in a quick swim beforehand; Kavya starts summer camp next week, with its attendant three-days-a-week swimming lessons, and given how scared she was last year, I thought it would help if we could get her a bit used to the pool again beforehand. If we can't swim, though, maybe we can get in a board game or two before Jed has to leave for the airport.

Kev and I were talking a while back, and he mentioned that he'd be fine with it if Jed wanted to stay for a few months over the summer. Sounds good to me. Am bummed that Jed has to go. Stupid job. Bah.

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