I always hope that the…

I always hope that the art I make and sell at #wiscon will at least make enough to pay for the art I buy at WisCon -- I didn't even come close this year. Oops. But I can't regret buying this Lisa Snelling book fairy for Kavya. We both think it's SO LOVELY. (Snelling actually calls them poppets.)

Given that this was the year she learned to read, and also the year she wanted a fairy birthday party, it just seemed too perfectly apropos. It was also the year she added blue to the list of her favorite colors, which are, in order of her adding them: pink, red, purple, gold, silver, blue!

I feel I should note that Snelling actually calls her little creatures poppets.

And this is the poppet I didn't buy for my garden this year. Maybe next year. If I make a lot of art and sell it in the interim. :-)

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