This pic needs some…

This pic needs some explanation. See, there's a dance party at #wiscon the last night of the con known as genderfloomp. I always forget to pack something genderfloompy to wear for it, but something can usually be cobbled together from various people's clothing. This time, Jed was dressed mostly in new friend Jhayne's clothes (by Jhayne), and I borrowed his dress shirt, tie, and some shorts. (Not visible in this pic, but trust me, they're there. Apparently, I maintain a modicum of modesty, surprising as that may be.) And then we danced. And then we drank a lot of water. And then we danced. Repeat the water, along with some sitting in the hallway with folks and talking. I had a particularly nice conversation with Jaymee Goh about steampunk racial constructions in her dissertation project, and a particularly helpful conversation with Laura Gerald about managing overwhelming e-mail (both around 2 a.m., I think). So now this photo makes total sense, right?

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