ARGH. Kavya had a fall…

ARGH. Kavya had a fall on the playground a few days ago, and one of her front teeth was loosened; Anand just flailed around in bed and KNOCKED IT OUT. This child. Am on phone with dentist now, seeing if they might be able to do something. Yes, it's an adult tooth, front top. ARGH.

2 thoughts on “ARGH. Kavya had a fall…”

  1. You should have taken her to the dentist right away. Why would you let her have a loosened front tooth for days?

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Because loosened teeth generally tighten up again if left alone.

    But all is well; the dentist had me measure the tooth that came out, and he’s quite sure it’s a baby tooth; we were just misremembering which ones had fallen out.

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