My parents sent Kavi…

My parents sent Kavi some clothes for her birthday (tomorrow! six!), and she was so excited that she not only a) laid her outfit for today out on the floor last night, but b) forbade me from entering her room, because she wanted it to be a SURPRISE. She was very serious about it. :-)

And speaking of birthdays, here's my present for her. I'm guessing she won't appreciate the fact that I managed to find a watercolor dress to go with the new watercolors, but I was pretty pleased. I'll try to point it out to her, and maybe we can try to copy some of the flowers together. :-) (Dress from Old Navy, watercolors and pad from Target, which has a new line of surprisingly nice kid art supplies.)

Now I'm thinking I have to make some watercolor paper to wrap it in. :-)

3:00 update: Okay, fifteen minutes with watercolor pencils and watercolors = watercolor paper featuring Kavi's name and favorite flower. The paper is kind of crumply, since the only paper I had large enough was pretty thin, but she will not care. I expect glee. :-)

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