The last Miss Zukas book…

The last Miss Zukas book is really lovely; the ending made me teary. Great job, Jo Dereske! It's very nice when an author wraps up a series with a truly satisfying ending.

As a reader, I really appreciate it -- it's like a gift from the author. As a writer, I'm taking notes.

Gardening and e-mail today, e-mail and gardening. I might squeeze in some writing, but first priorities are gardening and e-mail. My plan is to get the whole yard in decent shape this week, so it looks great for Kavi's birthday party on Sunday, and so it has a few days to settle in before I leave for WisCon. We'll see how it goes! Here's my garden list for today:

  • water new roses (and add to weekly calendar so I don't forget them behind the garage) -- DONE
  • move peony from too-shady spot -- DONE
  • move honeysuckle from too-shady spot -- DONE
  • trim grass in hellstrip -- DONE
  • plant sweet pea -- DONE (along the south side of the front porch, and the corner near the front stairs; we'll see how it does)
  • set morning glory and moonflower seeds to soaking -- DONE
  • plant dahlias in front -- DONE (Claudette, Blue Danube, White Fawn, Hockley Maroon, Deuil du Roi Albert
  • continue correcting garden plan / sketch -- DONE

That's probably enough for today, since I really do want to get through a lot of e-mail.

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