Various people have been…

Various people have been saying to me variations on, "So you're really not doing anything this summer? Just writing? Wow, that's a great job you have there!" Sounding quite dubious about the 'job' part. To which I will quote this:

"Now, to be fair, my freaking out was provoked by comments like the following:

�Is all of this really that important?�
�But you�re going to be on vacation in two weeks: can�t you just suck it up?�
�You�re totally overreacting.�

Those are totally direct quotes. So perhaps he deserved a tiny bit of what he got. I mean, vacation! SERIOUSLY? The next thing you know he�ll be accusing me of working only 12 hours a week! You�ll be happy to know that after the �vacation� comment I listed off the litany of things I need to accomplish this summer, as well as blamed him for me being behind on my book project. And I cried like a baby. Because I�m cool like that."

-- "Love Means Always Having to Say You're Sorry For Being a Lunatic At the End of the Semester"

That sounds about right.

2 thoughts on “Various people have been…”

  1. Had to laugh. Thisost resonated so I sent it to a friend/colleague. With a note – thought you would enjoy this blog post. And for a change it’s not from dr crazy. Then I clicked on the link.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Grading went in yesterday, today I admit, I’m goofing off. But tomorrow, it’s back to work! 🙂

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