Specials Night at…

Specials Night at Kavya's school -- a celebration of Spanish, music, gym and art. Fun! (Okay, it was too hot and some of the waiting around was tedious and Anand got antsy, but still, basically fun.)

Kavi got to be one of the readers, which she was pretty excited about -- she stumbled a bit on the reading, but I don't think she noticed, and it was a pretty long sentence! :-) And even though she's kind of shy and had told us earlier that she wouldn't do the singing and dancing and gestures, in the end, when she was up there with the crowd, she felt confident enough to join in after a bit. About half the songs were in Spanish, v. cute.

Afterwards the weather was gorgeous so we had ice creams on the playground (smart ice cream guy) and let them play for a while before heading off to dinner.

Waiting in the auditorium.

The music teacher is adorable.

Spanish teacher also adorable. If you're looking for Kavya, she's far right, in the pink dress with dark pink leggings. Barely visible. She's up there on the platform because she's waiting her turn to read.

Kavya and Imani. I wish I could've gotten a photo of the moment when they saw each other, raced towards each other, and Imani swept Kavi up in a big hug, lifting her off the ground. Insanely cute.

Hanging out in the gym. Kavi was hot and took off her glasses to wipe her face. Let us not discuss what Anand is about to do.

Got picked to captain a 'station', which basically meant holding the sign for a few minutes. She was excited.

We visited the library too; I love the little seats they have. Adorable.

That's her art above her head.

OMG, this is actually not a terrible picture of us. Kind of amazing. Now I feel like I ought to try to snap photos of us more often. Kev is not a fan of having his picture taken (that's his long-suffering look), so I will try to restrain myself.

She apparently had never been up on this before, but Kev coaxed her up.

Ditto this one. She got quite excited.

And this photo just makes me happy.

Three tiny videos:

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