I spent some time this…

I spent some time this morning stamping little silver fairies onto goody bags for Kavi's upcoming fairy birthday party. I've gotta admit, there are some parts of parenthood that are just fun. Uncle Jed is adding little bottles of pixie dust to the goody bags. They were outside my party budget, but Uncle Jed has a weakness for adorableness. A dozen children are going to be very happy, and my house is going to be a sparkly mess. Every child should have an Uncle Jed.

I spent a while gardening as well, mostly cleaning up the sidewalk and hellstrip and digging up dandelions. I have nothing against dandelions, in their place. But their place is not my cool-toned front garden. My little spade is not ideal for the task, so I have ordered a dandelion weeder, and I am inordinately excited about it. Such are the thrills of my life.

I finished revising "Red Light, Green Light" last night, working at Letizia's with Mary Robinette Kowal and Wesley Chu. I had taken a break from writing after handing in The Stars Change, but the semester is done, the bug is biting again, and I want to get this story finished and sent out. It features Suresh Chandran, the detective from my story "Birthstones" (published recently in Out!), and I rather love him. Jed says he has a crush on Suresh. I am thinking that I may start work on a novel featuring him this summer. A mystery novel, with artists, and death, and family drama, and relationship angst. Fun times.

And now I'm going back to writing work, critiquing Mary Robinette's latest novellette draft. Funfun. Critiquing my students, I admit, is sometimes a bit of a chore -- they are frequently talented, but uneven. Which is not surprising, given that they haven't been writing so long yet. Critiquing a writer whose work I love, though -- that is just a delight. Oh, look -- I found a typo! Awesome. :-)

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