Met two of my students…

Met two of my students at Artopolis for tea this morning, very pleasant, followed by last ASAM program meeting, yay! Not last meeting -- I've got a website development meeting on Wed, and a check-in with boss, but still, it's progress. Wed I'm hoping to finish all my grading; fingers crossed. That's when I'll really be done and ready to dive into the writing for real -- but I got a bit of a start today.

Post-meeting, I had an awesome time at writing date @ Letizia's with Mary Robinette Kowal and Wesley Chu; hung out from 3 - 6, revised a short story, and I think it might be ready to go out. Summer's here -- time for writing dates, and lots of them!

Writing goals for this summer: revise YA fantasy novel and send out again; have at least ten short stories / essays finished and in circulation at any given time; do another pass on revising memoir; start new mystery novel. Yeah, I'm gonna need a lot of writing dates.

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