Wow, I thought I was…

Wow, I thought I was almost done with the semester, and all calm and collected and smug about it, and then a ton of little things dropped on me, including some that had been buried in my e-mail (which I spent a while sorting through this morning), and now I'm feeling utterly panicked and like I want to cry.

It's like they KNOW. Somehow, the gods who decide how long a semester will be know exactly what your breaking point is, and time things so that you just barely make it to the end.

Tomorrow's last class, final papers come in Monday, my last meeting is on Wednesday, and I'm going to try to be all done with everything by Wednesday night, since I'm flying to Seattle on Thursday to attend a Clarion workshop and visit my college roommate, Kirsten.

Basically, I just need to get through the next week. But I can't think that far ahead right now -- I just need to get through tonight and tomorrow. One piece at a time. I may not get much sleep tonight, but I WILL get it all done. Dammit.

The funny thing is, at one point this morning I thought I was caught up enough that I actually spent an hour or so working on the poetry chapbook manuscript. Poetry! The gods laugh.

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