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My WisCon Schedule:

Queers Dig Time Lords (panel)
Sat 10 � 11:15 a.m., Senate B
We do! Dig Time Lords! Join some of the contributors to Mad Norwegian Press's anthology, Queers Dig Time Lords, as they discuss their love of, joy in, and frustrations with the complicated world of Doctor Who.

Queers Dig Time Lords (reading)
Sat 1 � 2:15 p.m, Michelangelo�s
Contributors to Mad Norwegian Press's Queers Dig Time Lords read from their work.

Changing Face of Fiction: Diversity and Backlash
Sat 9 � 10:15 p.m., Assembly
There's been a lot of talk about race, racism, and representation in fiction. Some say these real life issues have no place in what is meant to be an escape from reality, while others want to see characters that look like them as part of their escapism. Is a future with no diversity really an escape? What are we escaping from, and what is inescapable regardless of venue?

Fear and Masculinity in SF/F
Sun 2:30 � 3:45 p.m., Senate B
Many anti-feminist tropes in genre fiction, from women in refrigerators to saving princesses, portray men's fears as residing exclusively outside the individual. When realistic inner lives are portrayed, as in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, it is often in the context of "gritty" or "dark" post-modern fiction. Some works, such as Steven Erickson's Malazan Books of the Fallen series, and Michael Marshall Smith's Spares, use military settings to explore the inner lives of masculine people. Others, like Jim Hines's Libriomancer and Lois McMaster Bujold's Miles Vorkosigan series, play explicitly with these tropes. What works have explored the inner fears and tension of masculinity? Which have gone to ridiculous lengths to avoid discussing the vulnerability of masculine characters?

A Radical Queer Agenda
Sun 4 � 5:15 p.m., Caucus
Barney Frank once said the gay agenda involved marriage equality, being able to fight in the military, and hate crimes legislation. Many of us radical queers have our reservations about some or all of the planks on that platform. What would your queer agenda involve? Let's talk about some of the neglected issues of queer politics and what we can do to get them more center stage.

Passing: Self-Care and Embracing Who You Are
Mon 10 � 11:15 a.m., Caucus
In some situations a person can choose to pass (hide their oppressed status); in others a person passes unless they choose to purposely identify their status. And sometimes a person has no ability to pass. When we have a choice, it's often a difficult one. We're often encouraged to embrace and disclose who we know ourselves to be, and trying to pass as something we're not (white, cisgender, etc.) can be a source of great pain. But passing as something we know we're not is sometimes the only safe way to live. Passing can be a matter of self-preservation. How can we decide whether we're being self-indulgent or taking good care of ourselves? How can we make these choices with more social consciousness and self-acceptance?

The SignOut
Mon 11:30 � 12:45 p.m., Capitol / Wisconsin
I�ll be sitting at a table in a vast room with other writers � come say hi!

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