Impromptu brunch — Lena…

Impromptu brunch -- Lena is doing a kitchen remodel, so I invited her over for brunch to browse my two years of House Beautiful magazine issues and check out our counters. She brought a visiting friend + her three-year-old, and neighbors Ron & Liz came by too, so it was an unexpected, fun social event.

The food was a bit random; I pulled some fish curry out of the freezer, ditto some fruity bread from previous brunches that hadn't gotten eaten. Cooked mushrooms in butter, and we had some chorizo, so I sauteed onions, potatoes, and the chorizo. Then pancakes for all, plus scrambled up some eggs to make sure the kids got some protein. Guests brought fruit and danishes. A strange assemblage, but everyone left full and happy, which is what counts. :-)

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