So we have this thing I…

So we have this thing I call an airlock. That's not its real name -- vestibule, maybe? It's a tiny room between the front porch and the actual foyer of our house, just 6' wide by 4.5' deep. It's a great feature in a Chicago house in terms of helping to keep the cold winter air a bit further away. But we haven't made much use of it beyond that, and it's tended to get sort of chaotic, a muddle of shoes and garden stuff and other miscellany.

Some months ago, I installed a wall rack (from Pottery Barn), which helped, and then yesterday I cleared off the bookshelf in my office, which happened to be exactly the right size to fit in the airlock (and which wasn't the ideal size for my office). So now I have a pile of chaos on the floor of my office, but look how pretty and organized the airlock is! (Kev would prefer if there were more space in there, since he gets sort of claustrophobic without a lot of clearance, but he acknowledges that my gardening stuff has to go *somewhere*). Adorable little Fresh Bulbs and Garden Seeds boxes from Target, part of the Smith & Hawken line; they're actually super-useful, in addition to being cute as a button. Deep purple wall color is Farrow & Ball's Pelt.

The organization may not last, given Kevin and children and guests and all. But hope springs eternal in the householder's heart, and when spring is springing, a little spring organization is a joyful thing.

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