If: a) the semester…


a) the semester ends in two weeks,

b) I'm mostly caught up on my work except for a variety of small and not-too-urgent tasks,

c) I'm totally distracted by the Helen Zukas mysteries (have read 5 in the last week, and have 7 left),

d) it takes me about two hours to read one, thus about 14 hours to finish the series,

then: e) it makes sense to just power through and finish the set, rather than picking away at all my other little tasks and being totally distracted by my desire to read more about Miss Zukas. Right?

Apparently summer-reading-brain-logic wants to kick in two weeks early here.

1 thought on “If: a) the semester…”

  1. My method. For every x number of small irksome tasks i. do I get to read x number of pages. That way my deep desire to read rather than work helps me get stuff done. (Also works with TV and vgames – not so much with talking to people on the phone)

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