I’m losing track of my…

I'm losing track of my tasks again. To-do list:

  • clean up pantry -- DONE
  • clean up mudroom -- DONE
  • attend Racialized Body talk on campus? 11-1 -- DONE
  • stop by Nadeau and see if folding table right dimensions -- DONE (and nope)
  • get Anand Angry Birds light-up shoes at Sears -- DONE
  • exercise: treadmill (33 min) + bicep curls -- DONE
  • plant berries, daylily, gladiolus in backyard -- DONE
  • put away kids' clothes -- DONE

  • make doctor appt.
  • make dentist appt. (ugh.)
  • make doctor appt. for Kev?
  • call gym and ask re: training sessions

  • check Forest Park antique store for various pieces
  • return Zappos shoes

  • send out info on next DesiLit book club meeting
  • set up Jaggery e-mail lists
  • do final check on submission guidelines
  • run by staff and check dates
  • publish guidelines (reading period May 1 - May 31?)
  • schedule Kriti planning meeting

  • work on poetry chapbook
  • add newer poems to website

  • clean up old tomato cages, etc.
  • shovel up leaf-mulch and compost

  • clean up airlock

  • prep reimbursements
  • finish grading 114 miscellany
  • check and make sure all ASAM tasks are dealt with
  • ask Anna re: food order for Monday's meeting

  • hand in reimbursements to Amy
  • attend second Racialized Body talk on Thurs
  • attend undergrad reading on Thurs

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