Kavi’s birthday party…

Kavi's birthday party invites sent out -- I am proud of myself for managing them a whole month in advance. That's plenty, right? And Evite is good and we don't need to do paper invites to all the school classmates? Unless Kavi gets super-ambitious and wants to do them herself?

And now, put the kids to bed, and then I'm going to take a break from all the news drama and plan a backyard fairy party. Goal: inexpensive, ideally done with supplies we already have, but also cute as all get out. And not pink!

We went full-force pink with the 5th birthday (see photos near bottom of page, also here), and both Kavi and I are ready for a pink break. We're thinking white and silver and sparkly, possibly with touches of blue, her new favorite color. (It has not supplanted pink and red and purple and gold, her previous favorite colors, but has been added, along with silver. 'Cause really -- who said there was a limit on how many colors you could love?)

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