So I bought a tube…

So I bought a tube dress. This one, to be exact, in the blue print with the birds, because I saw it and madly loved the print. And I have to tell you, people, I have never worn a tube dress in my life. Because, you know, no bra with such a dress, and I used to have ginormous boobs that required a bra. Post-reduction, I'm a C-cup, and I can actually wear such a dress and walk around with my breasts where the designers intended them to be, without it hurting at all, which is amazing to have that option, and I'd like to take advantage of it. And it looks okay, I guess, except there's one wee little problem: I FEEL TOTALLY NAKED.

Kevin assures me that I am not, but it just feels like a huge expanse of exposed skin, from armpit up (isn't that an attractive way to describe it, but you know what I mean), without even a spaghetti strap to break up the expanse, and I just don't know. Do 40-something women wear tube dresses? Do they look half-naked doing so? I suspect this is entirely in my head, but it is a really strong sense of public nakedness, which may be sufficient to keep me from ever wearing this dress outside the house. Maybe I should return it and save the money.

Is this what women felt when they first hemmed up their dresses up to show their ankles? Mercy!

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