I liked this quote: …

I liked this quote: "2. If you don�t have a focus, you need to get one. Where are you headed? Prune away everything else that can possibly go (including the painting and crafting, as well as gourmet dinners and self-catered parties)."

Kev and I have been talking about this, about how many things I love doing, and what can go in order to create more writing time. It's hard -- gardening brings peace and physical activity, so not that. Cooking for parties is a chance to see friends, and I'm extroverted enough to need socializing, so not that. Teaching is both a job requirement and a joy. Knitting and other crafts/arts are mental reprieves.

I think the main places where I could productively cut back are tv and internet. Somehow, I started watching too many tv series this year. And Facebook is endlessly fascinating, but will take all the time I give it and then some. I'm going to get through the end of the semester, and then in May, I think it'll be time to consider some changes to how I manage my screen time.

Kev suggested starting with a two-week internet vacation -- not even e-mail. How much urgent really comes in over early summer for an academic? Isn't that what the vacation message is for? Honestly, the thought makes me a bit panicky (no internet for two weeks??!) which I suspect means I really need to do it. Will you miss me in May?

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  1. My only question is how upset will you be at a gigantic inbox after 2 weeks? Maybe you should give yourself an hour after the first week to deal with as many uninportant things as possible. Like a sprint internet session…… otherwise I think Kevin’sm idea is great. He has grown wise in many ways over the years. Tell him I am impressed by his acuity.

  2. Kirsten, we *all* think Kevin is cute, but that has nothing to do. . .

    Hmm? What’s that? “Acuity”?

    Oh. Nevermind.

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