Had a lot of fun playing…

Had a lot of fun playing two quick games of Magic with Patrick Rollens this evening -- it's been a while! As in, eighteen years or so since Kev and I last played semi-regularly. Patrick brought along two new decks for us to try out, and the game has definitely changed since the old days. But my basic gameplay came back to me, and really it's very intuitive. I taught my little cousins to play on a mountaintop in Sri Lanka once. Funfun.

I think we're going to try to play again, probably weeknights at 5-ish works best for us. Any other local friends interested? I'm happy to teach -- it's a quick, fun game.

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  1. It seemed gimmicky at the time (twenty years ago, jeez), a way to sell products; but it really is a very well done game.

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