Planning the menu for…

Planning the menu for Sri Lankan New Year's lunch / dinner on Sunday. Hm. Tentative plan:

- samosas (Lori is picking up from Tahoora)
- meat rolls (from Sri Lankan caterers or grocery on Devon)
- fish cutlets (ditto, if they have them, or I might make)

- stringhoppers and sothi (from caterers)
- chicken curry
- ambulthiyal (Samanthi)
- dhal (Samanthi)
- beetroot curry
- potato & cauliflower fry
- eggplant sambol
- seeni sambol
- shredded green bean mallung
- raita
- milk rice (with red rice) (Samanthi)
- basmati white rice

- wattalappam (Lasantha)
- fresh fruit

- wine
- mango-passionfruit punch

About 30-40 people attending, including some kids. Am trying to figure out what else to make. Enough vegetarian dishes? Add a beef or pork dish? And/or maybe a mildly-spiced fish curry, very different from the sour dry fish ambulthiyal?

And what can I make that's mild and kid-reliable, still appropriate? (I'd rather not just make a big pot of mac-and-cheese, or chicken fingers, but I don't want parents stressing that their kids will be hungry...)

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