The last few weeks have…

The last few weeks have been somewhat frenzied since coming back from ICFA, mostly because the unexpected and brutal cold-turned-bronchitis completely screwed with all my work plans. So I was getting things done, but just barely, and only the most important things. That all finished Monday evening, and yesterday, I had an entire day at home, where I had plans to work on less-time-critical-but-still-important work, like grading quizzes and such. And I just completely ran out of willpower and mental energy. I mean, kaput.

I'm honestly not sure what I did with yesterday. Putzed about on Facebook. Wandered around outside. Cleaned the kitchen, which was desperately needed, and put away my laundry, ditto, and therefore I was able to make eggs for breakfast today and dress in clean clothes for work, but I believe those were the heights of my accomplishments. I guess my body just needed a day off, and went ahead and took it, ignoring all the annoyed messages from my brain.

Can't afford to do that again today, but hopefully I can focus down and get some of the things done. Plan for today -- finish grading mid-term exams, prep quiz and print it, print a few Dalit poems (Meena Kandasamy) for discussion. Teach two classes. Sort out my pile of travel and other reimbursements. Be home by 2:15 to meet Kavi at the bus. Spend an hour finalizing ASAM budget stuff for Anna. All of that pretty much needs to get done, and then I can take to my bed again if needed. Tomorrow, grade papers. Okay, I have a plan. Onward.

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