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Gardening question. Kevin thinks our new redbud tree might have died last year. Its leaves went all yellow and dropped a month before the other trees dropped their leaves. And now it's spring and there's no buds on it. For comparison purposes -- my viburnum, hydrangeas, azaleas are all budding. My crocuses, species iris, scilla and chiondoxa are blooming, and the hyacinths are about to pop. Should redbuds be budding by now? Anyone know? I broke off a few smaller branches, and they just snapped off, but I'm afraid to try a larger branch. :-(

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  1. This sounds like a dead tree to me. Wait a bit before replacing it. The buds should be coming along soon. If not, then dead. I could send you some redbud seeds. It takes a few years for the seedlings to get full size, but they do grow pretty fast, and don’t live very long.

  2. Wait a bit, until it is consistently over 65 degrees or so. When trees are stressed, they drop their leaves early, because it preserves water and nutrients (chlorophyll, etc). They won’t rebud until they think conditions are right, so it can take a bit longer. I wouldn’t give up yet. There is still a chance.

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