Started drawing classes…

Started drawing classes with Katie Roberts yesterday. So much anxiety about drawing, it's ridiculous. This week, we're just supported to do little 5-15 minute exercises, and it does help remarkably, putting a short time expectation on it, in much the same way I used to do timed writing exercises when I was first starting out (from Natalie Goldberg's awesome Writing Down the Bones.

Maybe I need to do more of those with my students; I think I'd forgotten how useful they are for getting through that initial anxiety and the incredibly mean internal editor. I'm a beginner! No one expects my hand to actually look like a hand on the first go! It's okay, really.

Here are the first two sketches (yesterday and today), along with photographic evidence of my labors. :-) I like these graphite pencils Karina got me, but they are messy. It's okay for art to be messy. And bad. It's okay. I think I'm going to be telling myself that a lot in the next six weeks.

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