Am feeling frayed, so am…

Am feeling frayed, so am taking a moment to count blessings. Little bits of happiness this morning: The book I handed in last night (woohoo!) made my editor cry (in a good way). I have leftover rice and curry for breakfast. The tiny species irises in my front yard look awesome in the rain. It's warm out, so the rain feels nice, and Anand jumped in the puddles all the way to preschool. I get to talk about Preeta Samarasan's _Evening is the Whole Day_, Tobias Buckell's "Toy Planes" and Hiromi Goto's _Half-World_ in class today. It's okay that I was sick all last week and haven't graded their papers yet; the students will survive if I grade them tomorrow and hand them back Wednesday. We have a job-candidate speaker coming for lunch, so lunch should be both yummy and interesting. Today is my last big event for the academic year, the ASAM EXPO; I think I'm all prepped for it, and it should go smoothly. I'm looking forward to seeing what the grant recipient undergrads did with their research money (hopefully spent it wisely). Okay. It's going to be a long day, but a good one. I'm going to go take some DayQuil now, and then eat breakfast. Onward.

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