One book done, on to the…

One book done, on to the next book. Want to read a YA fantasy? The Shattered Island, Book One: Rasathi.

I'm not going to start revisions right away -- April is dedicated to schoolwork. But as soon as the semester's done, I'm planning to do another pass on my YA fantasy novel (first book in either a duology or a trilogy, not sure). It's a portal fantasy; sixteen-year-old Sri Lankan-American girl from Chicago gets pulled into a fantasy world that looks a lot like ancient Sri Lanka. There's a war on. Of course there is, it's one of my books.

I wrote it a year or two ago, and tried it a few places with no luck; I think it may need another revision before it goes out to editors again. If you're interested in reading it in April and giving feedback by the end of the month, drop me a line with an appropriate e-mail address. A line in the acknowledgements could be yours! :-) Here's the current opening...

"But I don't *like* bologna and cheese." Tharani had climbed up onto the kitchen counter and was watching carefully while Riya made her sandwich. Her tongue was sticking out a little; Riya thought it made her little sister look like a monkey.

Rain poured down outside the tall eastern window, pattering softly on the cool slate tiles of the path. At least it was relatively gentle this morning; Riya had had a hard time concentrating on her algebra homework last night, with one of Chicago's summer thunderstorms booming overhead. She hadn't slept well either; she kept having weird dreams, full of fire and suffocating heat. When she'd tried to get up early to finish her Shakespeare reading, she'd fallen asleep at her desk; today's English class was going to suck. She had no idea whether Hamlet's uncle really had killed Hamlet's dad. All that complicated family politics made her head hurt; she had enough of that at home.

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