Making final tiny edits…

Making final tiny edits to the book, adding a few sentences here or there. Going to send it to the publisher tonight. Jed wanted more aliens. It is always fun to come up with more aliens. :-)

"Narita had spent time in the Warren, training at the smaller clinic there. An invaluable opportunity to get some field experience treating non-humans, and in her months there, she had assisted in treating all sorts. Her favorites might be the Rymisians, who never seemed to travel in packs smaller than thirty or so, which would have been overwhelming, if they weren�t the size of human three-year-olds. Actually, they were still overwhelming, but they were also so damn cute, it didn�t matter. She supposed it was a survival mechanism � their soft fur, chirping voices, big eyes. Not a survival mechanism that would have helped them against a rocket attack."

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