I think I FINALLY found…

I think I FINALLY found some curtains for the living room, v. exciting. Reasonable price ($65/panel for the 108" length we need), medium weight, but I think that's fine, since they'll have the off-white sheers we already have behind them. I love the pattern -- it's much like a way more expensive one I'd bookmarked a long time ago (Jaisalmer). It's Ballard's Concorde Panels.

The background color is a burlap-y linen (nowhere near as white as it looks in the pics, according to the reviews), which is actually better, for our room, which as you can see below, has dark blue walls, and dark honey wood floors and trim. My only difficulty is deciding between the taupe pattern (v. neutral) and the green (a bit bolder of a statement). I'm leaning towards the green, but could go either way. It's not too weird, is it, to put an oversize paisley on the curtains when I already have wooden paisley tie-backs? Thoughts?

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