Acknowledgements don’t…

Acknowledgements don't count for book-length word count, right? Right? I've clocked in at 40,326 words, which puts this just over into novel territory instead of novella. Maybe I need to thank fewer people. Or at lesser length.

In other words, the book is done, huzzah! I'm sending it off to Cecilia now, for her final edits, and to a possible reviewer for his possible blurbage. If anyone else is interested in reading and reviewing The Stars Change, please do let me know. Or if you'd be willing to interview me for your blog, or have me do a guest blog post, etc. and so on? Here's the one-sentence synopsis:

On a University planet settled by South Asians, people learn that the first interstellar war, humans against aliens, has just been declared; many take to their beds, while others take to the streets.

I'm done. I can't quite believe it. Done. And only [one week / three months / half-a-year / depending on how you count] past deadline. :-)

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