Got the nicest note from…

Got the nicest note from a student today, which she said I could share. Sometimes I feel like what I'm saying is so obvious, and it's good to be reminded that the world of ideas is huge, and that even the brightest, most hard-working students might not have run into the material I'm presenting before. This is from a grad student taking my writers of color in SF/F class:

"Say, I wanted to thank you for the broad viewpoint of the class in examining issues of class, gender and race as distinct in their nature. As a student of what would probably best be described as Black World Studies, I have been really challenged by the class content.

One of the greatest themes in my area is the debate over the use of positive versus negative imagery and what types of portrayals are accessible for African American artists and writers, usually in reaction to stereotypes and racist tropes.

I am excited to find the boundaries of this framing pushed by complications of intersectionality or opposition of gender and class. As well as noting the differences between the effects of diaspora and immigration.

Sorry for the brain explosion, just thinking particularly about the discussion on Wednesday and my own tendency to short hand issues, just due to my own unfamiliarity. Hope you feel better! And looking forward to Monday!"

:-) :-) :-)

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