Early April…

Early April Garden

And an impromptu porch picnic. Apparently a high of 57 F makes my family a bit effervescent.

Still too sick to cope with cooking, and Kevin is even sicker and went to bed early. But it was so warm, and the kids were so happy; we walked to Wendy's for dinner, and brought it back to picnic on the porch.

Kavya is getting better at taking photos of me. :-) Although I'm not showing you the ones with half my head chopped off.

She wanted me to take a picture of her with the little free library, so here you are. If you look closely, you can see that she still has a black eye. Doesn't hurt, though.

Hellebore, Peppermint Ice.

It was bold of me -- average last frost is April 20th here -- which means there's still a 50% chance of a frost after that. But 'safe planting' is May 15 -- and seriously, who thought I could stand to wait an entire month? Hanging baskets planted with pansies, nemesia, alyssum.

Front planter features pansies, ivy, and ranunculus (which I love, and which seems to wither quickly once it warms up, so plant it early, or not at all).

Kev's sister Susan gave me the fabulous little peacock. The scarf is from Target, and I get almost daily compliments on it, for three years running. It matches my house! :-)

Welcome mat, Target. Peacock, Target. Hmm...are we sensing a theme here?

Okay, yes, the new little green seating thing (pouf? dunno what to call it) is also from Target. I wanted a bit more seating for the porch, and I wanted it cheap. This is kid-friendly, but will also support an adult.

That wacky Victorian chair is desperately in need of a paint job, but I'm not sure how to go about it. Do I need to scrub it down first? Spray paint it with a plastic sheet taped up behind? A brush seems like it would be a ton of work -- but maybe not?

Looks comfy, no? It was a nice place to have dinner tonight! (The porch swing could use a paint job too...)

The bunnies have been steadily nibbling my crocuses; there were three times as many white ones in this patch two days ago. They seem to be leaving the species irises and snowdrops alone, so perhaps we'll invest in more of those next fall.

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  1. Sumana Harihareswara

    Yay more pretty pictures!

    I showed a bunch of your picture-heavy blog entries to my mom this week and she loved them – she gardens, too.

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