Kavya baseball bat…

Kavya baseball bat update: the fluid has moved down to her eyelid, swelling it enough that she couldn't go to school today. Or rather, I sent her to school, since Dr. Anne had thought it would be okay, but the school nurse sent her home; I got the call just as I was about to get on the highway to head into work, and had to turn around and go back to school and pick her up. I am duly punished for my optimism. Sigh.

Kavi feels just fine, but the nurse is concerned that the swelling might be putting pressure on the eye, and wants a doctor's note to be safe. So I've got a call into our pediatrician, who can hopefully see her this afternoon, fingers crossed. Kavi's at home with Kevin, in theory resting and icing her bruise, although she was demanding a board game as I walked out the door.

And now I have stopped at Starbucks to have a chai and review my class prep, since I've now missed the early window for missing rush hour traffic, and have to aim for the late window instead. (Alternative, sit in traffic for an extra half hour, for no good reason.) At 9:30, I'll go in, teach two classes, come home, take her to the doctor, hopefully. All a huge nuisance, in a week when I have a TON of things to do, all on deadline. But I keep reminding myself, it could be so much worse. Kavi could be actually injured in a serious way. Counting my blessings.

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