Here’s a glimpse of what…

Here's a glimpse of what it looks like 24 hrs after being hit in the forehead with a baseball bat. It's kind of fascinating watching the fluid (very) slowly move down her face. Gravity! Kavi says it doesn't hurt unless you poke it. We just got back from taking her in to see her pediatrician, who thinks it's likely fine, but would like us to take Kavi by an eye doctor just in case. We're waiting to see if our eye doctor can squeeze us in today. But the pediatrician also okay'd her to go back to school tomorrow (no recess or gym until the swelling is all gone). Kavi is cranky that she's not getting to play with her friends today, but is otherwise happy and fine. But boy, that sure looks dramatic!

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  1. Who knew that’s how it worked. I’m sorry this lesson in baseball bats and fluids worked itself out on Kavi’s beautiful face.

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