The DayQuil has kicked…

The DayQuil has kicked in, so I got to try one new Easter thing -- actually blowing out eggs. I didn't have a tool for it; I tried using an injection syringe (the kind you use for baby medicine), but that took forever, and I broke three eggs for the one that actually worked. In the end, I just blew them out, which didn't result in any breakages, but did make my cheeks ache. No worse than blowing up a bunch of balloons for a birthday party, though. Rinsed the shells with water (hope I got all the gunk out) and blew that out too. Set them aside. Then I boiled up some blueberries, strained them, added vinegar, and dyed the shells. They're drying now -- I put a bunch of pins in a blocking pad (used for blocking knit / crocheted items to even them out), and the eggs are resting delicately on them. So far, so good. Need to go shower and dress for brunch at Daniel and Anne's, but later, I hope to try threading these with ribbon and hanging them outside on our little Ace of Hearts redbud. If I don't destroy them in the process. They feel very delicate, but people claim that they save them in egg cartons in the basement for decades. Hope that works for us too!

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