Okay, so first off,…

Okay, so first off, she's fine. We're pretty sure. At the party, Kavya got hit in the head by a baseball bat. Apparently, she was standing behind Robert, he Robert told her to move, that he was about to swing, but she thought he was going to swing the other way, so didn't move, and he slammed the bat back right into her forehead. Various adults saw it all happen and went racing over, and when Kev had carried her back inside, our host, Anne, who happens to be a pediatrician, gave her a thorough check-up. She also called over two other doctors at the party for second and third opinions. All concurred that concussion and orbital fracture (the two main potential issues) seemed unlikely, and while the HUGE swelling above her eyebrow certainly looked scary, some ice and painkillers should take care of it.

Ice and acetominaphin were duly applied to the wailing child, and she calmed down within ten minutes or so, and even fell asleep in my arms on the couch about half an hour in. Kavi roused when they started the egg hunt, and demanded to participate, so she can't be too bad, I think. I don't have pics of the most dramatic time, when there was the HUGE swelling over her eyebrow.

This pic is from two hours later, now that we're safe at home (we waited at the party for a while, and she got checked every ten minutes or so by one doctor or another, which is more attention than I think she would have gotten in an emergency room). The fluid is moving down, and right now her left eyelid is somewhat swollen (she can barely see out of the eye), but it's not too bad. The fluid should keep moving down and pool beneath her eye soon, giving her a dramatic black eye. It's essentially a huge bruise -- scary, but shouldn't have any long-term consequences. We're all going to have a long night though, waking her up regularly to check for concussion, just in case.

Ah well -- part of childhood, I guess, the occasional injury. If either kid turns out to be sporty, I imagine there will be noticeably more of these...

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  1. Sumana Harihareswara

    Oh my goodness, that must have been horrible for all of you — so glad she’s basically okay! (And thank goodness for doctor friends!)

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