I left the Catholic…

I left the Catholic church when I was twelve, but even if I can't quite make the leap of faith to actually believe anymore, I still think that as miracles and symbols go, the image of a man willing to suffer and die, in the hope of a better future for his people, is one of the most powerful ones. It brings to mind figures like Dr. Martin Luther King, and Gandhi, and all the less famous but still astonishing people, men and women, who thought of their community's needs before their own.

If you believe in the death and resurrection, this is a pretty astonishing day, one that hopefully is filled with some serious joy. So let me just wish those of you who find meaning in Christ's resurrection a wonderful and joyous Easter, full of song and glory. My family will be over here, celebrating spring with chocolate, an egg hunt, and hopefully some sunshine. A good day for all.

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